Mission Statement

The International Comparative, Policy & Ethics Law Review (ICPELR) was created in the spring of 2017 as a result of a merger between the Cardozo Journal of International and Comparative Law (CJICL) and the Cardozo Public Law, Policy, and Ethics Journal (CPLPEJ). CJICL was ranked 5th in comparative law, and CPLPEJ was ranked 5th in ethics. The ICPELR publishes articles, case comments, and student notes covering diverse topics of law.

The ICPELR seeks to give an in-depth detailed analysis of the different legal issues faced by both the United States and the International Community. The ICPELR gives particular focus to issues affecting public policy and ethics. By comparing the methods used by different nations to solve their legal issues, the ICPELR evaluates and proposes uniquely insightful solutions to complicated problems. Additionally, the ICPELR reviews issues of public policy which are both purely domestic or international in focus and utilizes the expertise of legal minds worldwide to provide detailed commentary.  

ICPELR publishes a diverse range of articles and student notes on a variety of critical topics, including, but not limited to: corporate law, intellectual property, human rights, securities law, constitutional law, policy implications of governmental actions, public interest advocacy, and ethical considerations facing attorneys and the public at large. Recent articles have covered topics such as: border walls, immigration, and transnationalism; penal punishments for drug-related crimes in China; and gender and race discrimination in tort trials. Topics of recent student notes include: modernizing financial regulatory systems; international digital privacy rights; the effects of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act on Netflix users; and the effects of anti-trust laws on the NFL’s efforts to expand internationally. 

Over the past year, ICPELR has enjoyed several significant accomplishments, including: dozens of copies of one of our articles were distributed at a UN conference in Bangkok; a member of the American Center for Law and Justice ordered over 700 copies of an article; and Prince Zeid Bin Ra’ad, the Head Commissioner of the UN Commission for Human Rights, requested a special copy of an article.


The ICPELR has built a reputation and legacy for excellence through the publication of high-quality materials. Cardozo’s ICPELR seeks to advance public conversation in as many areas of the law as possible through non-ideological investigation of issues. The conversations include issues on both a global and domestic spectrum. ICPELR gives lawyers, philosophers, political scientists, economists, sociologists, and other professionals the opportunity to shape the legal landscape.


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